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Duane Waterman



Southwest Traditional

The Southwest Traditional model is the main stay of the Sonora Guitars line of classical guitars. 

This full size concert body is made with either an Engelmann spruce top or a Western Red cedar top.  The spruce top lends a bit more focus or brightness to the tone while a cedar top may provide a more open, full tone reminiscent of traditional Spanish guitars.  The range of tone colors available may be broader with a spruce top while most players agree that it may be easier to produce a good clear tone with each stroke on a cedar instrument.  This is especially important to developing players.  With either top wood, though, the tone will be balanced and strong, and suitable for concert performance.

Spruce Top
Cedar Top
Spruce Top Cedar Top

The sides and backs of these models are made in a variety of popular tone woods.  These models have been made with Indian rosewood, Honduras rosewood, Padouk (Vermillian), Figured Bubinga, and Ovangkol (Shedua).  The density, and reflective potential, is similar with these tropical hardwoods - with Honduras rosewood slighter harder/denser - and very fine instruments have been made in each body wood.

Indian Rosewood Figured Bubinga
Indian Rosewood Figured Bubinga

Rubner tuning machines

The necks are either Spanish cedar or Mahogany with aged ebony fingerboards.  These models are made in either 650mm or 640mm scale length and 52mm nut width.  Nut and saddle are made from bleached bone.   High quality German made Rubner tuning machines are used on all Sonora Guitars models.

The top is finished in a thin satin lacquer with the sides, back and neck protected with several coats of hard oil that provides a very natural look and feel. 

Design - Although these models have been made with the more traditional, and well established, 7 fan and 5 fan top bracing systems, these instruments are currently made with the hybrid lattice and fan bracing of the current Duane Waterman Fine Guitars concert models. Every effort is made to produce the strongest, clearest - and most musical - voice in these instruments even though they are the most affordable models available from the shop.

Each guitar is delivered in a new hardshell case with a lifetime warranty to the original owner. 

Total cost is $3500, includes shipping.